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Redefining Logistics and Transportation Solutions Worldwide

Join a winning team of dedicated SS Trans employees. As a leading-edge company with expanding national presence, we recognize our employees - our knowledge capital - as our most valuable asset.

We're looking for experienced, career-minded individuals who value professionalism, teamwork, innovation and the highest level of service to clients, both external and internal.
We offer a wide range of opportunities for career growth and advancement from within. Our highly competitive compensation and full-featured benefits will enable you to succeed and grow along with us.

At SS Trans, we believe that individuals should be judged only on their abilities and expertise and we view differences as sources of innovation and creativity, which are essential to our success.

Embracing different perspectives, ideas and opinions allows us to constructively challenge the way we see and do things. By acknowledging and affirming the unique and important contributions of every individual, we realize the rich rewards of a diverse work environment. Diversity is a win-win situation, as it increases opportunity for all our employees and strengthens our organization.

We can also ensure that your customers work with the same drivers on a consistent basis. Creating a sense of consistency and making it easier to monitor and solve any dissatisfaction.

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